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Medical Waiting Area - 32.3%
Grocery Store - 9.2%
Restaurant - 32.3%
Salon - 6.2%
Other - 20%
Healthy Cells is a local health magazine with most of the articles written by local professionals. People love to read about healthcare from their local health professionals. Each month includes a wide variety of articles on various topics.
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Pastelle Magazine

Celebrate ~ Enrich ~ Empower ~ Connect


Pastelle is a local magazine with most of the articles written by local professionals and business owners. Approximately 35,000 women read Pastelle every month, primarily professional women – in spirit, if not in fact - mid-20’s and up.


Pastelle is a stand-alone monthly publication available free at over 450 locations throughout the Bloomington / Normal community, including: medical waiting areas, coffee shops & restaurants, car service areas, hotels, hair salons, grocery stores, fitness facilities, college campuses.



"The purpose of Pastelle Magazine is to provide a quality publication that will celebrate, enrich, empower and connect the women who live and work in the Bloomington-Normal area, and thereby promote the unique qualities of our community."


Celebrate - Enrich - Empower - Connect



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