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A New Kind of Building Block

Building blocks are a perennial favorite toy. At their simplest form, they’re cubes of wood that get stacked according to a child’s imagination. As features are added, other classics begin to emerge—Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and Legos! All varieties of blocks build a child’s brain, but what about a block that allowed you to do what seemed unimaginable before? What if you could use blocks to build movable, flexible structures? Or curved designs that can better represent whatever is in your child’s imagination? Lux are the new thing in building block technology and they can do all that and more!

Lux  are unique in that they are hinged in a way that allows kids to build whatever they imagine, without the restrictions of the 90 degree angles so common in other blocks. This modular corrugation is more like building with atoms and molecules than building with traditional kinds of blocks. This means that shapes, curves, and even movable parts are possible in ways they never have been before.  The innovative hinge makes this block unique and allows for all of the cool features of movement and following curvature.


Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller, Friedrick Froebel, and Frank Lloyd Wright, Mike Acerra -artist, creator, and inventor - wanted to create a block that could do anything nature could do. With input and problem solving help from his wife, Heather, they created a hinged, square block that can mimic everything from chemical structures to suspension bridges. Through trial and error, they succeeded in inventing this block like no other.



The Gingerbread House in Bloomington will be one of the very first locations in the country to carry these unique building toys! The owners of the toy store are always on the lookout for locally created toys, and Lux are headquartered just down the road in Galesburg, Illinois. Manufacturing is done right here in the Midwest. These high quality blocks are a perfect addition to any toy collection and best of all, will be played with for many years. They have proven to be an instant hit with kids of all ages who are ready to build, invent and create.  They’re perfect for budding engineers, emerging artists, and kids who just like to make stuff.


The Gingerbread House is committed to bringing the best, most enriching, and coolest new toys to our community and is proud to be partnering with Lux to launch this fantastic product which will be arriving this fall.  Stop by the Gingerbread House, 603 S Hannah Street in Bloomington and try them out!  For more information, you may call 309.827.8811 or visit them online at www.gingerbreadhousetoys.com.   They also have a room for birthday parties – let them handle the mess while you have the fun! 


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