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In 1999, Dr. Harold Nord, who has been providing OB-GYN care in Bloomington-Normal since 1987, opened a private practice in

Normal. A central Illinois native, Dr. Nord’s practice thrived and grew; in 2012, he invited Dr. Rachel Dalton to join him as a partner and co-owner of the practice.


Like many OB-Gyn offices, the office of Dr. Harold A. Nord, OB-Gyn, S.C., employs a lot of women. Dr. Nord and Dr. Dalton work with two nurse practitioners, six nurses, four clinical techs, as well as office support staff. Working with so many women is perfectly fine with Dr. Nord, who says he “feels comfortable and blessed to have a staff that takes great care of patients.”  


One might expect the office, located in the Medical Office Center I across from Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, to be awash in pastel colors and baby pictures, but the over-all feeling when a patient walks in is one of comfort, nurture, and beauty, reassuring patients they have entered a welcoming place. The waiting room, decorated in neutral, soothing colors and tasteful décor, and furnished with comfortable chairs, offers a small play space for children, current magazines, and a big screen quietly channeling health information for those who want to listen.


Paintings by artist Nathan Greene, who paints Christ into images of childbirth and family settings, are scattered throughout the office, quietly reminding patients that this practice focuses on “ministering the love of Christ through health care.” As it turns out, this focus shapes both the practice as well as the practitioners.


Management Team Coordinates Care . . .

The Management Team includes Sharon Birky, the Practice Manager, Janice Bell, the Billing and Insurance Coordinator, and Kelly Berry, the Clinical Coordinator. Together, the three are committed to translating “the love of Christ” into practical expressions of care and compassion, in staff relationships as well as in patient interactions.


Sharon Birky began working with Dr. Nord as his assistant when he opened the practice, then moved into her current position, in which she is responsible for administrative duties as well as staff support and oversight.  She also coordinates a line of nutritional products which Dr. Nord began offering upon recognizing a need among his patients. 


Another one of Birky’s duties is to monitor the mail. “It warms my heart; I see so many notes from patients and even from vendors telling us how much our commitment to compassionate care means to them,” she says.


Janice Bell, the Billing and Insurance Coordinator, deals with patients who have billing or insurance questions, as well as with the billing and support staff in the office. She gives direction to the Medical Office Assistants (MOAs), who serve in the “front office.” Birky says, “Janice is a vital part of our office. In addition to her work with patients and staff in the billing and insurance areas, her work with the MOAs helps set a welcoming tone when a patient first walks in the door.” 


Kelly Berry, a registered nurse with 21 years of nursing experience, has worked at the practice for 12 years. She presently serves as the Clinical Coordinator for the office, overseeing the clinical staff. Her responsibilities include making sure the practical implications of ministering the love of Christ are carried out in the delivery of health care. That includes “positive nurturing, where both patients and staff are treasured as individuals, and where the staff seeks to honor God.”


Berry explains that the staff lives out their vision to provide excellent, faith-based health care, while honoring God by “very openly empowering women.” This empowerment involves more than the physical care of patients; it involves offering them information that educates them about their bodies and health care issues in a way that makes them active participants in their own health care.


That’s where Genny Petersen and Abby Cervantes come in.




Genny Petersen and Abby Cervantes, both of whom hold a Master of Science in Nursing degrees, work with Drs. Nord and Dalton as nurse-practitioners. Nurse-practitioners are trained to do physical exams as well as order lab tests. They work under the supervision of doctors, who are accessible in case of questions or emergencies, but nurse-practitioners can conduct routine exams, help patients manage medications, review vaccinations, and plan for routine medical tests.


As nurse-practitioners, Petersen and Cervantes have opportunities to present health-care information as they work with patients. Petersen says, “Using education, I strive to empower women to make a difference in their own health.”


Cervantes, who notes that as nurse practitioners, she and Petersen work with adolescents and continue to work with women of all ages and at every life stage, observes, “It is so important to help women understand their bodies with each change, which makes it very rewarding.”


Both women enjoy nurturing relationships with patients, and find their work to be an opportunity to express their Christian faith. Petersen says, “I am able to build relationships with patients, and work with them to improve their health. One of my spiritual gifts is service, and I am able to serve others here. The goal is their wellness and health.”


Cervantes adds that she was a patient of Dr. Nord’s before she began working for the practice. “I was treated with care and true compassion,” she says. It was an experience that left her wanting to offer the same care to others in her role as a nurse-practitioner.


Showing Compassion

Practically speaking, the doctors and their staff demonstrate a caring attitude by spending time with patients, listening to their concerns and stories. “When our patients express a desire or a willingness for prayer, we pray with patients,” Berry says, adding, “We seek to be as supportive as we can be.”             


Birky, Bell, and Berry all seek to be sure that both staff and patients experience the love of Christ in the office. They agree that this means treating both staff and patients respectfully, with honesty and integrity. Birky sums it up by saying, “We seek to be trustworthy and honorable in all our dealings, within the office and with our patients.”


Empowering Staff, Too . . .

If empowering patients means educating them, the same thing is true of staff. “We make sure staff has opportunities to continue learning and growing,” says Berry. At least once a year, staff is offered continuing education at various conferences that might cover issues like medical advances, or better office practices, depending on their responsibilities and interests. Birky adds, “This isn’t just the clinical staff. Every staff member has an opportunity to attend conferences and expand their professional skills.”


This commitment to continuing education reflects Drs. Nord and Dalton’s intention that their staff continue to grow professionally, and that they work as colleagues, not simply as employer/employees.


Berry notes that, “The doctors as well as all the manager/coordinators take an attitude of positive nurturing. We treasure our staff as individuals.”


In the end, as Drs. Nord and Dalton says “We all have a great working relationship.”


And that benefits every patient who walks through the door.


The office of Harold A. Nord, OB-GYN, S.C. is located at 1302 Franklin Avenue, Suite 2800, Normal, Illinois 61761. For more information, or to make an appointment, they can be reached by telephone at 309-454-3456. More information about the practice, as well as staff, can be found on their website at www.hnordobgyn.com. 


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