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Infertility & Yoga

Infertility truly affects all parts of a woman’s life. Two of the biggest impacts that this painful diagnosis can have are on body image and self-esteem. Many women gain weight during this time due to overwhelming stress and fertility treatment restrictions. Almost all women feel a sense of betrayal by their own bodies. Consuming feelings of failure, grief, and shame are daily struggles for women dealing with infertility.

Yoga speaks directly to this painful reality. It does this through both breathing techniques and physical movement.

Yoga classes focus not only on specific breathing exercises, but also on linking the breath to each movement. The reason for this is because the breath has the ability to completely calm the nervous system. In doing that, stress hormones decrease, and the body and mind can return to equilibrium.

The breath also anchors the mind to the present moment. Why is the present moment so important for this population of women?

Because it is very hard during infertility not to live in the future. There are so many unanswered questions and looming fears. Yoga gently invites women to return to right now, and to practice focusing on how the body and heart feel. Because a lot of times women struggling with infertility disconnect from feeling altogether, feelings are just too painful for an already broken heart. Women tend to disconnect particularly from their bellies; a place that has been full of disappointment and is in physical pain from injections. Because of this, increased weight in the midsection furthers the cycle of shame and detachment.

Yoga provides women with a safe space to reconnect with the self.

Physical movement through yoga poses is also deeply healing. Not only are concerns about weight gain addressed, but poses such as warrior and mountain pose reconnect a woman to her inherent value and strength. In these poses, the head is held high with dignity and the feet are firmly connected to the supportive earth. Gentle backbends in yoga open the heart once again to hope and possibility. They allow the shoulders to roll back and the chest to expand, allowing fresh air to rush back into the lungs.

Yoga is a tool that women can use safely along with fertility treatment, especially if the yoga class is geared specifically for women going through infertility. This type of yoga focuses on keeping the belly free of twists and strain as not to jeopardize the delicate work happening inside. Breathing exercises in each class restore calm and balance, and positive meditations help women find peace through this journey.

Each stage of treatment has its own physical and emotional needs, all of which are addressed in these tailored classes.

Yoga provides a safe and understanding place for women going through the same experience to connect and heal together.

For more information, you can find Jessica Desai at Palms Together Yoga where she teaches specialized Yoga for Infertility classes. Jessica is also the founder of healyourselfyoga. com, a website dedicated to helping women find peace during the infertility journey.


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